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Voice Over by Rod Clark

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Rob Mariani  - Mr.   |10-24
crenelated- Indented; notched as with the top of a castle wall.
Alexis Amore  - Divine wind   |02-13
Imbricate : as an adjective, describing an orderly, overlapping arrangement - as
in imbricate scale pattern on fish ; as a verb, to make something as such, as in
...roofer will imbricate shingles in diagonal alignment on the roof. In medical
arts, the closure (suturing) of a surgical wound by overlapping layers of
tissue. The enuciated verb form ends like kate; the cut.
Ralph Broomhead  - semi-retired writer   |01-04
elegy - a noun - Froom the movie of the same name meaning a mournful poem,
especially of lament and praise for the dead.
Alexis Amore  - Etymology-less   |11-11
Without historical derivation is the term, estoppel / estop, the (so-called)
legalspeak for Stop: as when a court of law stops a claim or assertion. No
derivation or precedent exists for this word in case history or elsewhere.
Perhaps it was once the pronunciation by a speech-impaired (or
inebriated)jurist? Or simply some insider's coinage, in earnest or facetiously,
motivated by "professional" haughtiness or self-derision.

for the typos in above, "neoplasmm," offering.
John L. Campbell  - So that's what they're called   |10-29
How about a sesquipedal response? One characterized using long words? I'd
whistle a tune, but I suffer from xerostomia, dry mouth.
alexis amore  - observer, correspondent   |10-09
Garnishee - what people meant to say when they said, garnish. Legally authorized
taking of property, money, wages to satisfy debt/judgment debt. To serve summons
for such a purpose.
Alexis Amore  - pleonasm   |10-09
Add another "pleonasm" example, contributed by Rod Clark in the featured
Voice Over story: "late Indian summer"
alexis amores  - pleonism, pleonastic   |10-09
Using more words that needed to espress a meaning. An example of same. E.g.
"free gift" or "sufficient enough" or . . . "ATM
bob putnam  - lexicography   |03-21
the compilation of dictionaries
Collin J. Martineau  - Impossible.   |03-07
2.not capable of being done easily or conveniently... Making the impossible
possible is easier than everyone thinks. They just don't like spending time to
understand that and what it takes to do so.

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