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Voice Over by Rod Clark

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+++ Now Submit up to 3 Poems via email....  See below for details.


Rosebud Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Rosebud. We are open to outside submissions and we review material throughout the year. Although there are a few pointers below, the best way to get a feeling of what we do is to read an issue or two. You can either visit your local bookstore (we are available in Borders and Barnes & Noble), or better yet—subscribe or buy a sample copy directly from us.  (see page two). Also, check out our website at

Rosebud’s Submission Policy

Rosebud, Inc. is a nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers. To handle the growing thousands of submissions we receive every year, In 1999 we launched the Rosebud Fast-track Initiative (RFI) to streamline submission processing. To achieve this we charge a handling fee of one dollar. For a response to your submission in approximately 45 days from the date of receipt, please:  

* Put the letters RFI on the outside of the envelope, and circle it!
* FOR PROSE ONLY: Include a one-dollar handling fee or check for $1 made out to ROSEBUD. ($1 covers up to three stories,.)
* Include 1 to 3 stories and/or 1 to 5 poems
* include a self-addressed stamped envelope for our reply (we can recycle manuscripts) and/or manuscript return.

Send fiction and essays with SASE and $1.00 handling fee (if the piece is prose) to:

RFI  PROSE Submissions
C/O Roderick Clark
N3310 Asje Rd.
Cambridge, WI 53523


For Poetry please submit by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (<click here)

Or snail mailed to:

Rod Clark

Rosebud Magazine

P.O. Box 459

Cambridge, Wi  53523

In the past two decades, Rosebud poetry editor Rod Clark has received as many as 150,000 submissions via letters.  In an effort to modernize and reduce waste of paper, Rosebud is going virtual."  You can now email up to three (3) poetry submissions. Please paste the poems into your email rather then attaching.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



For an annotated sample story click here.