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Voice Over by Rod Clark

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Who publishes and supports ROSEBUD?

ROSEBUD, now in its 21st year of national publication, is published by a tiny nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation ROSEBUD, Inc., run largely out of Editor/Publisher Rod Clark’s 140 year-old farmhouse in rural southeast Wisconsin. ROSEBUD has no parent college, university, foundation, or any other supporting institution. Nor is it sustained by any “deep pocket” contributors. None of those who work on the magazine can afford much beyond gifts of “Sweat equity.”  ROSEBUD is sustained entirely by subscriptions, store sales, contests, and donations. Its ongoing survival has rightly been described “as a creative and economic miracle.”  ROSEBUD has friends across America and Canada, and sprinkled around the world.


Who and what does ROSEBUD publish?

ROSEBUD is one of the most dramatically eclectic literary magazines published in English, designed for the interests of both readers and writers. Our mission is to encourage a higher literacy by publishing a wide range of modern and traditional writing with a great variety of subjects, literary styles, and cultural points of view. While we publish many famous and established writers, most of our content comes from newer or under-appreciated authors.  We do fiction and literary nonfiction (ideally 4000 wds or less), poetry (ideally one page, or sometimes two), and occasionally short play excerpts. We also enjoy publishing letters from readers and writers. We also publish a variety of innovative art.


How can I submit?

Guidelines are available on this site. Just click the tab on the main page.


How can I help?

There are many ways of supporting ROSEBUD. The simplest is to follow us online, and give us feedback. In addition to this website, we are on FACEBOOK and on twitter (@rosebudmag ). Check out our past tweets in rhyme! Whenever we have time, we let people know what’s going on with the magazine through these outlets.

We do not publish online, but you can find paper copies of ROSEBUD in many B&N and independent book stores. If ROSEBUD is not sold in your area, you can order it on this web site through the PAYPAL system or by snail mail. Just click on the SUBSCRIBE tab on the MAIN page.


How do I subscribe, order, or donate?

Subscriptions, sample issues, or specific single issues can be ordered on this website through the PAYPAL system (In most cases, you can order by credit card through PAYPAL, even if you are not a PAYPAL member.) Alternatively, you can send a check or money order for an issue or subscription to:




PO BOX 459




What literary competitions does ROSEBUD offer?

ROSEBUD offers three principal competitions on a roughly biennial basis: The William Stafford Poetry Award, The X. J. Kennedy Creative Nonfiction Award, and the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award for Imagniative Fiction. All contests feature $1000 grand prizes, and include publication of the winning pieces. Entrance fees are $10 for the Shelley and Kennedy awards, and $12 for the Stafford Award. Information on current and upcoming contests is usually available on the main web page. If you have questions on any particular contest, you may contact Editor/Publisher Rod Clark at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  



When does ROSEBUD come out?

At the current time, Rosebud generally comes off press in January, May, and Otober/November. Times may vary, due to ROSEBUD’s small and overworked  staff, but all subscriptions are based on the number of issues ordered, not the production schedule.



If I have problems with an order or “sub,” who do I contact?

Rod Clark


How can I learn more about ROSEBBUD?

You can learn a lot by perusing this web site. There are news clips, Voice Overs, and a variety of other materials. You can also check out our FB or Twitter pages. However, the best way is to get your hands on a copy.  We have a presence in libraries and bookstores, but the easiest and cheapest way is to order a copy through PAYPAl or snail mail. Or you can ask questions of Rod Clark at 608-423-9780.