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Voice Over by Rod Clark

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1   Link   Poetry By Rod Clark (audio stream download)
Poet Rod Clark spins verses on "Living on Earth," PRI, while hoping for a bite on his line, and listening to the loons on the lake.
2   Link   A Literary Anniversary (article)
By Jeanette Hurt in Wisconsin Trails Magazine, March/April 2009.
3   Link   The Gentleman of the Willow (blog write-up)
Brett Alan Sanders blog on RB Fall 2011 issue, posted Nov. 5, 2011.
4   Link   Cheeky Rosebud Blooms In Cambridge (article)
By Heather Lee Schroeder in The Capital Times, June 27, 2003.
5   Link   Against the odds, lit journal finds success (article)
By Doug Moe in The Wisconsin State Journal, Jan. 13, 2009.
6   Link   Rod Clark '71: Literature in Bloom (article)
By Greg Breining in On Wisconsin, Winter 2010, p.53.
7   Link   Wisconsin provided bookends to Bradbury's career (artilcle)
By Doug Moe on R. Bradbury's connection to publisher August Derleth and Rosebud's Rod Clark.
8   Link   Attractions of barbarity (blog write-up)
By Brett Alan Sanders on his blog site, Sept. 1, 2015.
9   Link   A report on issue #60 of Rosebud (blog write-up)
A blog review by Brett Alan Sanders, Jan. 15, 2016.
10   Link   Rosebud 56 (review)
Review of RB #56 on "Coffee Spew," hosted by Cambridge Book Review and CBR Press, which also posts other reviews on RB.
11   Link   Request Letter from Universal Pictures (letter)
Letter from Universal Pictures to use RB front covers in sequels to "50 Shades of Gray."